Starter UK3 template for JoomShopping

Created on the basis of the free UIKIT 3 framework. The framework is not included in the template and is installed on the site separately from the template.
Starter UK3 template for JoomShopping
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$ 39.99
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Extension Data

  • Extention: 1.5.1
  • Update date: 30.08.2021
  • Basic extensions : UiKit 3

System requirements

  • Joomla! version: 3.9 +
  • PHP version: 7.0 +
  • JoomShopping version: 4.18 +

legal information

  • Support from developer: 365 days
  • Licnse type: GPL3
  • Numbers of domains for support: 1

    Template for the component of the online store JoomShopping version 4+. To apply this template, your site must have JoomShopping version 4.18.x or higher installed. The template is created on the basis of the free UIKIT 3 framework. If your site has a Joomla template built in UiKit 3, then this eliminates the need to style the online store for the site, since the template will use the same styles as the main Joomla! Template: fonts, shape and color of buttons, decorative elements, background color of panels, tooltips and all other styles responsible for the appearance of the page will automatically be applied to all elements of the online store template.

    The framework is not included in the template. If it is not installed on your site, then it can be easily installed separately from the template according to the instructions on the developer's site (copy two files to the site server and add a link to them to connect in the template header).

    In addition to its appearance, the template actively uses interactive components of the framework, such as a lightbox for viewing product images, tabs, modals, slider, slideshow, animation and many other components that create a modern design and give the site dynamism.

    The template has a responsive layout, which allows the blocks of information to be rearranged depending on the width of the device screen. This makes the information easy to read, both on large and small screens.

    In the basic settings of the JoomShopping template, it is possible to set the desired number of products and categories in a row. We made it so that the number of blocks in a row decreased gradually, in proportion to the decrease in the screen width. This preserves the style of the site and the usability of the information on any device.

    All product blocks in the product list of a category take the row height, regardless of the length of the product name and the amount of content inside each block. All product images are resized to the same size regardless of their actual dimensions and aspect ratio. Product photos with the wrong aspect ratio are centered and partially displayed. Large images are compressed and small images are stretched. Resizing occurs without distortion, both in the first and second cases.

    The most important page when buying a product is its detailed description. It is here that the user gets the most complete picture of the product and decides to buy it. Therefore, we have tried to think over every little detail in the product template so that the site visitor can find all the necessary information and can easily start placing an order.

    Much attention was paid to the product image slideshow. It is responsive to screen sizes and displays both photo and video files. The user can scroll through the photo using the navigation buttons, go to the desired image by clicking on the thumbnail (for which a scroll slider has been made), or enlarge the image and view product details in a stylish lightbox. The slideshow automatically starts playing the video when it enters the viewing area. At the same time, the sound and video controls are disabled. To view a video with sound, you need to enlarge it.

    To the right of the product images is the purchase block. At the very top, the price (s) is displayed, below the attributes, the quantity field (with the + and - buttons) and the buy and add to wishlist buttons.

    To the right of the purchase block is the position of theproduct,module where you can post additional information for visitors (contacts, terms of payment, delivery, links to size tables, feedback form or other important information).< / p>

    If there are related products, a slider with products is displayed above the detailed description of the product. The space above the product description is maximally visible, so that additional offers will definitely be noticed by visitors and which increases the chances of selling more products.

    The template uses the built-in capabilities of the Uikit3 framework and supports lazy loading of images (until they reach the viewport on the screen). All images of products and categories that are displayed in the template have lazy loading to speed up page loading by reducing the amount of information required to load at a particular moment of viewing. You should take care of using this functionality to display images inserted into the description of categories and products yourself, using the documentation for Uikit3.

    Given the importance of traffic volume on smartphones with mobile Internet, and in order to reduce the amount of downloaded information, the template checks the visitor's device. For mobile devices, the middle image is displayed in the category and in the product (which can be enlarged by the link), for desktops and laptops, the full photo of the product is displayed.

    A lot of attention has also been paid to the product price display. Since the store functions allow you to display prices in several variants, the template implements two ways to display prices by condition.

    • Price for a product without wholesale prices (discounts from quantity).
    • Product with wholesale prices.

    In the first case, the price is displayed in the standard version - one price value for the product.

    In the second case, wholesale prices are arranged in line form and are displayed in reverse order, first the lowest price, and then ascending (for a smaller quantity of goods). This allows the buyer to focus on a more interesting price offer for him. The price for the customer based on the selected quantity is displayed above the buy button.

    The form for writing a review is displayed in a pop-up window (the input form does not take up space on the page), and the reviews themselves have the usual form of messages in messengers. The feedback message uses styles from the comment component, which are customizable in UiKit 3 styles.

    For withdrawal, the client's avatar can be displayed if he is registered on the Gravatar website and leaves in the comment the same email address as for the Gravatar account.

    The template uses own images of rating stars, in scalable vector graphics format. This makes them as crisp as possible at any screen resolution, on any device, and at the same time they have the smallest file size.

    The template includes micro-markup for additional SEO. It allows the crawler to understand what is on the page and how to display it in search results. Rating stars, price, availability, product image and everything you need is displayed in the search snippet thanks to the presence of micro-markup on the page.

    For a short description of the page (meta description), “Buy + [product name] + [min. price] + [main currency] ".

    The above methods allow you to ensure and / or accelerate the withdrawal of your store's products to the TOP, without resorting to ordering (rather expensive) services of website promotion specialists. Proper template markup will allow you to offset the initial SEO costs and focus on creating the right informative product descriptions.

    The cart of the Starter template for JoomShopping is also responsive, so the customer can view the contents of the cart in a convenient way, both from a computer and from a mobile device.

    One of the main problems of online stores is abandoned carts and unfinished orders. This happens for many reasons, and mostly these are flaws in the interface of the order page, which make the purchase through the shopping cart inconvenient, too complicated or questionable. The template implements a friendly approach to the client at all stages of ordering. Each step of the order has clear and easy-to-follow directions to guide the visitor to complete the online purchase. However, we recommend that you minimize the number of registration fields and steps for placing an order in the store settings as much as possible. This will further increase your chances of success.

    If you want to purchase a working site with this template, then go to the "Sites" section.


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    Starter UK3 template for JoomShopping
    Created on the basis of the free UIKIT 3 framework. The framework is not included in the template and is installed on the site separately from the template.
    $ 39.99
    $ 8.99

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