Extension Data

  • Extention: 1.0
  • Update date: 21.07.2020
  • CMS : Joomla! 3
  • Shop: JoomShopping
  • Joomla! template:
  • JoomShopping template:

System requirements

  • PHP version: 7.0 +
  • FTP access to the root directory of the site: yes
  • Access to the site database: yes

legal information

  • Support from developer: 365 days
  • Licnse type:
  • Numbers of domains for support: 1

The Joy site is created on the Joomla platform. The JoomShopping component is used as an internet store. The website has a product filtering module that works without page reloading on Ajax technology.

The shell of the site (template) is built on the UIKIT 3 framework. The template for the online store works on the same framework, which allows inheriting all site styles and customizing the appearance and arrangement of blocks according to your needs without having to change the source code. All settings are done through the Joomla admin panel.

The cart module allows you to add products without reloading the page, and also displays related products of the added product in a pop-up window and on the order page.

The cart uses the modern One Step Checout Pro extension, which allows you to place an order on one page (by default, JoomShopping has 5 checkout steps: registration, payment method, delivery method, delivery address, order completion).

The cost of the site includes:

  • Website Platform: Joomla! 3
  • Website Template: YOOtheme Pro
  • Online Store Component: JoomShopping
  • Template for JoomShopping: Joy
  • Website-styledproduct filter module: Universal Ajax Filter
  • Stylized for the sitecart module: Related products in the JoomShopping cart
  • Stylized for the siteplugin for product design on one page: OneStepCheckout PRO
  • Stylized as a websiteproduct search module
  • Stylized for the sitesite login module
  • Stylized for the sitefeedback module
  • LiqPay online payment plugin
  • Registration of hosting for a year (in your name)
  • A set of demo data (categories, products)
  • Site Installation

Since professional extensions come with a domain-specific license key, we cannot provide a download link for this site after purchase. The approximate cost of a demo site with all installed extensions is about $600. Perhaps you don't need all the extensions, then the cost will be lower. To agree on all the details and the cost of the site for your needs, contact us in any way convenient for you.


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    Хороший сайт, мало таких, где всё на столько продумано.
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Online store with product filter.

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